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DevToxWorkshops: 9th Berlin DevTox workshop

Presentations given at the workshop, held September 13th-14th, 2018:

Update of new images and categorisation in the DevTox database
Rupert Kellner [size: 1.0 MB]

Chinese version of the DevTox data base and atlas of common malformations
Weihua Li [size: 3.15 MB]

Japanese version of the terminology and the atlas of developmental abnormalities in laboratory species
Michio Fujiwara [size: 509 kB]

Evaluation of postnatal anomalies
Ibrahim Chahoud [size: 793 kB]

Research on the mechanism of thoracolumbar supernumerary rib development after birth using CT scanning
Makiko Kuwagata [size: 838 kB]

Regulatory aspects of developmental toxicology and endocrine effects
Roland Solecki [size: 1.95 MB]

Classification of developmental toxic pesticides and negligible exposure – Perspective of the regulator
Alberto Mantovani [size: 257 kB]

Classification of developmentally toxic pesticides, low dose effects, mixtures – Perspective of the industry
Steffen Schneider [size: 791 kB]

Human data for assessment of developmental effects
Kohei Shiota [size: 1.19 MB]

Zebrafish in developmental toxicity study
Jingying Hu [size: 1.77 MB]

Developmental toxicity assays with freshwater snails (Biomphalaria sp., Planorbidae)
Francisco J.R. Paumgartten [size: 4.01 MB]

TOX 21 – Developmental toxicology
Susan Makris [size: 2.10 MB]

Computational tools and alternative methods in developmental toxicology
Nicole Kleinstreuer [size: 3.17 MB]

Improved embryoid bodies for studying development, embryotoxicity, and placental function in vitro
Marlon Schneider [size: 1.22 MB]

Models used to detect skeletal anomalies: applications, limitations and future perspectives
Frank Schulze [size: 1.93 MB]

Concluding remarks on Berlin Workshops on Developmental Toxicology
Ibrahim Chahoud [size: 181 kB]

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