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DevToxWorkshops: 7th Berlin DevTox workshop

Presentations given at the workshop, held May 4th-6th, 2011:

[size: 35 kB]

Administrative requirements for a harmonised terminology for classification of anomalies
Wolfgang Lingk [size: 37 kB]

Overview of the efforts to harmonize terminology of anomalies in developmental toxicology
L. David Wise [size: 133 kB]

Retrospective analysis of the terminology harmonisation process during the Berlin workshops
Ibrahim Chahoud [size: 972 kB]

An introduction into problems of postnatal anomalies regarding their integration into new terminology and classification.
Francisco Paumgartten [size: 10.9 MB]

An introduction into problems occurring during integration of maternal-fetal findings into new terminology/classification
Jochen Buschmann [size: 2.66 MB]

Species considerations for predictive and mechanistic modeling
Thomas B. Knudsen [size: 4.17 MB]

Discussion of external, visceral and skeletal anomalies in nonhuman primates regarding their integration into new terminology and classification
Antje Fuchs [size: 970 kB]

Integration of external and skeletal anomalies in Japanese quail into the new terminology
Konstanze Grote [size: 551 kB]

The guinea pig as alternative species in developmental (and reproductive) toxicology studies
Steffen Schneider [size: 2.56 MB]

The dog as alternative species in developmental toxicology studies
Ali S. Faqi [size: 1.30 MB]

Analysis of 3rd workshop survey results
Francisco Paumgartten [size: 403 kB]

Discussion of external and visceral Grey-Zone anomalies: Reclassification due to new knowledge
Ruth Clark [size: 4.83 MB]

Legal and practical aspects of the cut-off criteria for reproductive toxic and endocrine disrupting effects for approval and classification of pesticides in Europe
Roland Solecki, Rudolf Pfeil [size: 705 kB]

Consideration of human relevance for developmental effects based on experimental data
Kohei Shiota [size: 10.2 MB]

Consideration of reproductive/developmental mode of action data from laboratory animals in the risk assessment of environmental chemicals
Susan Makris [size: 1.44 MB]

Human relevance of developmental animal toxicity data of pharmaceuticals from the perspective of the European Teratology Society
Stephen Barbellion [size: 680 kB]

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