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DevToxNomenclature: Downloads

The nomenclature proposed by DevTox can be downloaded here as a "zipped" Excel file, named "DevToxNomenclature.xls". This should enable all interested users to easily implement this terminology in their own systems.

The Excel file contains four worksheets, named

  • "External",
  • "Skeletal",
  • "Visceral" and
  • "Maternal-fetal".
Each worksheet consists of the three columns
  • "Localization",
  • "Observation", and
  • "Code",
and is sorted alphabetically by the columns "Localization" and "Observation". The numbers in column "Code" correspond to the codes used in the DevTox data base.

Click here to download "DevToxNomenclature.zip"   (26 kB)

The file has been created by using Microsoft Excel on a Windows platform and has been compressed by using WinZip.

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